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Greeley Fire Department

Greeley Fire Department Extinguishes Small Commercial Fire At approximately 8…



Greeley Fire Department Extinguishes Small Commercial Fire

At approximately 8:00 am am on Monday, The Greeley Fire Department responded to a report of a commercial structure fire in the 2100 block of 1st AVE.

Engine 4, Engine 1, Engine 2, Ladder 1, Ladder 5, and Battalion 1 responded to a structure fire reported by the buildings occupants. The building was very close to Greeley Fire Station 4 and Engine 4 was on-scene within minutes. An employee had utilized a dry chemical fire extinguisher to extinguish the main body of fire and likely saved the structure from further damage. The fire occurred in a utility room near a water heater and boiler heating system. The investigation into the cause of the fire concluded ignition occurred due to flammable liquids near an open pilot flame. The fumes from the flammable liquid created the right air/fuel mixture to cause a small flash explosion and ignite nearby combustible material. The fire was contained to the utility room and no injuries were sustained.

The Greeley Fire Department would like to remind citizens to keep all flammable liquids away from open flame sources. Flammable materials should be stored in flame safe cabinets and sealed in their designated containers. When flammable liquids are ignited, it is actually the vapors that are burning not the liquid itself. If you can smell the liquid the vapors are already in the air. Exercise extreme caution when using extinguishers. It is usually best to evacuate and let the fire department extinguish the fire.